Ravishing life

For those who dare
and want to develop


A workshop where, Natalia and Betty, inspire to change patterns and deepen understanding for your capacity as individuals. We choose to focus on the wide picture through mindset, food, exersice in combination with consciousness and sustainability in your life. An unique workshop which gives you opportunity to reflections and shifts, you choose how far you are willing to go. When you own your life, your thoughts, you are no longer in just survivalmode. You are safe, succeesful and managing your own future in a healthy way.


*stress –  what it is, and how does it affect us?
*consciousness –  how are we able to handle life in a more positive way with wider counsciousness
*insight-action – why do we have insights and still act differently
*tools– what actions may support us to a more coaching point of view in life and to actually take the responsibility and own your life’s.Natalia Pšajd
Wide experience within personal development, coach and inspiring lecturer who dares and wants to make a difference. ”I am convinced that we all have a greater capacity and potential then we often are aware off or choose to let lose”Betty Wassenius
Possesses a talent in lifting others och guiding them to reach physical and mental success. I am strongly driven in my belief that we all have a great potential and that success is reached through individual guidance, competence and genuine commitment.

Time & Place
4 February, at 8:00-12:00 in lifestyleroom B-ROOM

Your investment:
Intro price 2900 skr.

This workshop will be held in Swedish, for interest i English version please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Welcome and apply!


Workshop Personal efficiency

Today’s working climate demands individuals to deal with a great deal of action and workload. We are supposed to know how to set limits, priorities, be efficient and communicate wisely. With all previous mentioned we are also supposed to feel good about ourselves in the end of the day. To be able to reach all this we need to have a great selfawarness and ability to communicate our needs and bounderies in a mature way.

The Workshop Personal efficiency is established to give you the tools to all that. The companies always have a responsibility for a right level of workload, and at the same we know that we as individuals deal with stress in different ways and this workshop gives you the keys to what you yourself can shift and respond to create a pleasant working-life.



Need and boundaries

Yes and No


Affect thoughts and emotions




Goal with this workshop you will gain larger awareness of your own responsibility and tools to find yourself in positive thinking and part of the solutions.

1 full day + 3 hours follow-up

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”To do a workshop together with Natalia was extremely appreciated both by the employers and me as a leader. It gave us space to recover and reflect, and at the same time development both as individuals in being the best potential, but also to perform effectively as a team” 

Leader within municipality



*stress – what is that and how does it effect us

*toolsThe aim of this lecture is to give tools together with insights and curiosity to change, prevent and manage challenges we face in our everyday lives.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for scheduling a inspiring lecture


Coaching supports the group or the individuals development through enhanced insights and with an actionplan in order to reach determined goals and changes.

I also provide personal sessions within coaching. This sessions are either physical, Skype-sessions or on phone depending on the agreement. As your coach I support you to reach your full potential in best way. The frames will be set in agreement.

You will be inspired to take your transformation to the next level through the framework of ICF (International Coach Federation) and with my inspiration for selfdevelopment with courage, strength and drive.

This can give you higher efficiency, better focus, stronger motivation in your work and more balance and harmony in your life.

Looking forward to explore the possibilities.

Business coaching

With the intention of development
Goalsetted and wellknown coachingmethods with effective process that gives you opportunity to grow
both in your profession and in general.
From present moment to insights that will evolve into strengthen actions, habits and way of
approaching life that gives you opportunity to shift in your everyday life.
Together we set goals, actions and activities to reach wished levels.
The session will be in 2-3 weeks interval physical meetings, Skype sessions or phonesessions all to
give space to flexibility and creating an environment to transform in.
You reach goals and build new strengthen patterns, habits, attitudes and way of seeing things that will
give you an inspiring everyday experience.
Insights that will give you power to reach the level of your profound oneself. Together we will bring out
the best of you.
First session is 1,5 h the following 1/1,5 h sessions, in total I recommend 10 sessions.
Please contact me for further information.


Thank you for providing a giving and helpful individual coaching! Now I don’t feel like I am ”all over the place”, instead I have clear goals and an actionplan within my profession an addition to that I have gained my energy back and feel grownded in what I really want to do. I am glad I invested in my personal development through Ravishing life!

Alina Carlsson HR/Ledarskap/Frilansskribent & Föreläsare

Natalia has an extraordinary high level of awareness about the mechanisms behind the behaviour on both an organizational and individual level and which mindful tools to use to remain focused and present in all kind of situations. I would recommend Natalia to everyone, both within her sales profession and as mindfulness instructor and coach!

Louisa Fryklind CEO

A member of International Coach Federation

Ravishinglife offers educations that are aligned with the company needs.

With one part in the scientific based models and methods and the other in the holistic, presents and awareness. The mentioned combination and the solid experience within company development gives you as the outsourcer possibility to experience a transformation that support you from insight to action and create balanced habits.

Together we create an analysis of present moment, purpose and setting goals for the process, then your unique developmentplan will be formed.

Stressreduction programs

Stressreduction programs for companies are created after a meeting where we summarize the need for the employees.

The goal is to find a way for the specific company which is aligned with the daily business and with the aim to release tension and stress.

The way we do that is through adding knowledge about stress and then build the understanding together with the goals for efficient relaxed daily working environment.

Through understanding and seeing our own patterns, needs and responsibility in being a part of the solution and willing to make a shift and contribute to a healthy business.

With increased awareness in the present moment we have a wider ability to handle stress, feel less worried which in the most cases also leads to better sleep. The methods we use within Mindfulness able to support a better way of handling shift and changes in our everydaylife and supports a serenity in present moment.

The ability to concentrate and creativity increase when we are balanced which also gives us a sense of better focus and will make us perform better in the moment.

Giving yourself or/and your co-workers the opportunity to explore the tools within Mindfulness and face challenges in everydaylife and find harmony in present moment contribute to a sustainable cooperation aswell as more balanced privatlife.

Mindfulness are both offered to companies and privatpersons.

Open courses are held regularly parallell companies are able to connect for special programs/sessions.

8 weeks Mindfulness program

This program includes 8 opportunities during 8 weeks, 7 of them are 2,5 h and one complete day.

Included in the program
*Deepening in the 9 attitudes
*Scientific about Mindfulness
*How to practice Mindfulness in everydaylife? How to practice to decrease sleeplessness
*Concentration, focus
*Mindfulness toolbox
*Relaxation, mentaltraining, awarnesspractice

Apply by sending an e/mail to info@ravishinglife.se
Price privatperson privatperson 3.900kr incl taxes
Companyprice 4.900kr excl taxes

Apply fee is 500kr incl taxes for privatperons, and ex taxes for companies.
For those privatpersons with tensed economic situation and a wish to develop I ask you to write me to find a solution.

The Power in Effortless Efficiency

The distance between insight and action

Lecture Stress less-coaching attitude in life

The 25:th of November I will be hosting a lecture at Moves & Motivation

1 p.m – 2.30p.m

Join through reservation at www.moves.se

*stress – what is that and how does it effect us

The aim of this lecture is to give tools together with insights and curiosity to change, prevent and manage challenges we face in our everyday lives.


New Year New Possibilities

New Year which for many are a fresh start for various reasons.

Less time by the screen, more time with family, more exercise, less unhealtyness, less stress, better planing, the various are never ending. There are occasions when the wishes and longings to make the shift creates stress and even anxiety within us instead of actually giving us positive vibes.

So how can we manage this?

Throughout years of insights and understanding for my own patterns and reactions during different kind of personal development, meditations and even mindfulness I have gained a consciousness to use my strength a power to make the change and transformation i long for.

Everybody can make this changes and transformation with right motivation – sometimes the question in the end of the day would be;

What is that really motivate us and is valuable in this present moment?

Ravishinglife greet you with CURIOSITY- LOVE – NONE JUDGEMENT where ever you are in your process and striving.

Good continuation and welcome to contact me!

Natalia Sami Pšajd

With 20 years of experience within sales, and business development in leading position, together with about 10 years of personal development I am convinced that the individuals have bigger potential then we most often see in ourselves or actually use.

To add space, and awareness in the process I have added knowledge within coaching according to ICF (International Coach Federation) and Mindfulnessinstructor.

To contribute with my totality, I also choose to share as much as possible about myself. In previous profession I was able to use my creativity through designing kitchens, now a days it’s expressed in my art, welcome to explore more in my gallery –  www.ravishingart.com

”Together we unfold your best potential”

Ready and daring to see your full potential, as well as the need and wish for development lies. Then it’s all possible. How about contributing with all of you or use the full potential in the whole organization in best way.

Many companies are already today working with businessdevelopment and co-workers development. With my work and contribution I am challenging the setting on a deeper level where the totality of the individuals consciousness and awareness are in focus. With the unique combination of holistic view as well as businesswise relaxed efficiency I will contribute to a sustainable habit and efficiency where creativity is able to take place.

You set the limit as well as own the responsibility for your process, I feel a great honor the be a part of contribution to the growth of both you as an individual and organization. Where the humanity and economic growths aligns and contribute to a future in flowering development.

Some words from partners, clients about my work

” Creative visioner with heart, that see the possibilities far ahead of others ”

” Engaged, professional, competent”

” Amazing energy and ability to catch my thoughts ”